welcome to villa kuštra

Pamper yourself with an unforgettable experience in an ancient Mediterranean oasis of tranquility that you will forever treasure in your memory. Lose touch with modern reality breathing in fresh, salty, unspoiled Mediterranean air, all while enjoying one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in the Dalmatian region. Experience the picturesque garden providing species such as magnificent oleander and palm trees, pomegranate, bamboo, and nuts, as well as biblical olive groves and fig trees. Swing away in the relaxing hammock staring out onto the incredible, untouched Adriatic horizon. Enjoy Pelješac in this carefully designed residence built right on the beach-front exclusively for relaxation and complete spontaneity.

a unique story

Over a decade ago, after many years of stressful city life and financial markets, this stunning property chosen for its natural beauty was bought instinctively, with a vision of sharing its divine beauty and incredible peace. Purchased the same day it was seen, this waterfront villa, situated between an incredible ancient olive grove, was chosen not only for its impeccable location but also for its incredible potential to allow holidays of guests’ dreams come alive. The exterior of the property has been restored following its authentic Dalmatian architecture, while its interior has been fully equipped according to top-quality 5-star standards.

Villa Kuštra photo by Studio Lumia

an outstanding location

Remotely located off the route between famous Roman-age Split and Venetian-influenced Dubrovnik, the undiscovered village of Mokalo barely holds a couple dozen locally owned properties. Offering remarkable views of the crystal-clear sea and the unique gems of the Adriatic – islands of Korčula and Mljet, the village itself offers incredible tranquility.

Villa Kuštra photo by Studio Lumia

savoring local delights

The authenticity of your stay in Croatia only goes further with the astonishing opportunity of a truly organic gastronomic experience. Allow your senses to touch and taste only the finest of locally-grown fruits and vegetables, globally-awarded wine from the steep hillsides of the entire peninsula, delicious home-made cheese and charcuterie, and cold-pressed olive oil you will want to take home. Treat yourself to a spectrum of fresh fruits located in the garden of the villa itself.

Villa Kuštra photo by Studio Lumia

experiences to live

Venture out for a day trip to Mljet, remarkable for its untouched salt and fresh-water lakes within a national park.

Treat yourself to an Odyssey-like adventure, scuba-diving or snorkeling at a nearby sunken ship and cave, legend says is an original location from Homer’s epic poem.

Indulge in a boat excursion to the island of Korčula, with only a few hundred inhabitants, but a rich history and heritage, including the alleged birth house of the famous expeditor of human history, Marco Polo.

Enjoy the benefits of the best-known spot for kite-surfing in Croatia in the small town of Viganj, a mere 7 kilometers away.

Purchase home-grown goods such as extra virgin olive oil, goat cheese, and delicious fig cake.

Live a typical Mokalo morning, waking to the rising Mediterranean heat and stepping down through the heavily shaded olive groves to the calm sea, after a delicious breakfast picked directly from the garden.

Purchase a bottle of remarkable local Dingač sort wine, rent a boat, and travel to an even more remote, romantic destination where a clear midsummer night’s sky will offer you an incredible view of the Milky Way that will leave you speechless.

Road-trip to the defensive walls of Ston, a medieval town known as the “European Great Wall of China” at the mouth of the Pelješac peninsula en route to Dubrovnik.

Take a vineyard tour up the astonishing hills all across the peninsula and enjoy breathtaking views.

unique benefits & recreation possibilities

–   well-designed plan of a communal dining area
–   outdoor cooking & shower facilities
–   the proximity of two beach bars and catering services
–   farmer’s market offering organically produced delights from the Neretva river valley
–   morning pastry truck delivering fresh breakfast every morning
–   direct front to the sea (10 meters)
–   located on a dead-end road, allowing constant tranquility
–   getting in touch with friendly locals at Mokalo night
–   organized picnics, historical tours, recreational activities
–   hosting family reunions, parties, get-togethers

Please note: all imagery for project “Villa Kuštra” were photographed by Studio LUMIS, and additionally edited by Marija Kata Vlašić in VSCO mobile application.