Have you ever experienced moments that made you feel humble and larger than life at the same time?

Every time I enter the well-kept nature park Cape Kamenjak, I feel like I’ve set out on a journey of the senses. The macadam doesn’t allow you to drive more than 20 km/h, and the bumping sensation of the rocks underneath your tires quickly mellows you into a completely new mood. 

As human beings, we often seek rational explanations to make sense of our emotions. I feel that it’s also like this when wanting to visit the same place again and again. You may be missing out on discovering something different, but you can’t help but believe that it’s this place that offers you so much more.

I came up with 7 excuses for myself to re-visit Cape Kamenjak. And here they are…

1. escape from civilization

Only about 10 kilometers away from Pula – the biggest city of the Istria county and the fifth largest city in Croatia – this is one of the most mesmerizing locations to escape from civilization and be able to reach it again in no time.

2. rehabilitation

In a few words, Kamenjak offers a unique landscape, clean air scented with dry vegetation and sea salt, and balmy winds. Listening to the beating of waves on cliffs, feeling the sun on your skin, and enjoying the view whichever way you look will heal your senses within hours.

3. discover prehistoric fossils and dinosaur prints

Can you believe that on the coastal area of Cape Grakalovac you can see footprints of Theropod and Sauropod dinosaurs? It’s no wonder that already upon arrival, you can tell that this is a unique land site of prehistoric nature that deserves deep admiration. The limestone rocks of Kamenjak date back about 100 million years and hide many fossils of long-extinct organisms. Am-a-zing!

4. surf, kite, bike, walk, dive, swim…

Need I go on? Nature reserve Kamenjak is the perfect place for an active holiday in Croatia. What more can a person ask for after too much time spent in offices and big cities with all that rush?

5. enjoy authentic Istrian flora…and fauna

Did you know that in Croatia there is a protected breed of cattle called the Istrian Ox? What a beautiful sight to see. This interesting species prefers a combination of low grazing vegetation by which it directly participates in the preservation of Cape Kamenjak’s natural habitat and landscape. And just a quick note on the flora – this park is home to over 530 plant species!

6. release your inner child at the safari bar

The Safari Bar has become a cult beach bar — fun for absolutely all ages. Live plants and bamboo divide tables and seats all made of natural materials and a kitchen where you can order a number of grilled meat and fish dishes. Before lunch, swing from giant branches, slide down into hidden spaces and enjoy beautiful views of the Adriatic. This place really makes you feel like a child again.

7. take pleasure in the sounds of nature

At Cape Kamenjak, one of my favorite things to do is simply enjoy the sounds of nature. Here, there is no need for music or even talking. All you want to do is listen, breathe in – and breathe out.

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