There are a number of things that fascinated me while I was living in Paris.

One was the fact that the French are proud of their culture, heritage, rituals, and virtually everything that they do – even if it’s baking the simplest apple pie.

Number two is definitely their eye for elegance and taste in aesthetics. Who can deny them? Their sensibility for beauty in all things is nearly impeccable.

Third: persistence. Whether it be getting out on the streets every other day to fight for something new or never making peace with delivering anything under excellence – the French are one persistent nation.

To make a point that does not involve further praise of La France, I will open the true subject of my ever-lasting topic: Croatia.

To explain my parallel, I adore my country, but unfortunately, it lacks both excellence and persistence in many things.

I’m starting this blog because many times I feel like this little black sheep, always muttering “I don’t think I gave my all today…”, while people around me are like “Marija, chill…”.

So, I chilled. In my own way, at least. I opened this virtual space to give way to all of the beautiful things that do exist in this naturally very appealing land that I call home.

Rijeka, Croatia

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